The following video interviews were recorded during 3rd Tinnitus Reasearch Initiative (TRI) Meeting which took place on June 24-26 2009 in Stresa, Italy. You will find more videos in the Italian page.


E. BiesingerL. Del Bo
A. B. Elgoyhen C. Herraiz
B. Langguth
P. J. Jastreboff
A. Norena
Z. Shemesh


Interview with Pawel J. Jastreboff

Pawel J. Jastreboff, who originally developed Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, speaks about TRT and the way it is evolving as new scientific discoveries become available; he also discusses about about the way of preventing tinnitus, and tells us some recent and very interesting news about this.


Interview with Luca Del Bo

Luca Del Bo, founder of Fondazione Ascolta e Vivi and member of Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) Executive Committee and TRI Scientific Committee, comments about about TRI 3rd meeting in Stresa; he also explains how passive auditory stimulation works and speaks about improvements in hearing aids technology.


Interview with Berthold Langguth

Berthold Langguth, chairman of TRI Executive Committe and member of TRI Scientific Committee, speaks about the role of brain in tinnitus and explains how TMS and related treatments can help patients.


Interview with Ana Belén Elgoyhen

Ana Belén Elgoyhen, one of the top researchers in tinnitus field and member of TRI Scientific Committee, explains the role of brain in tinnitus and speaks about established and new pharmacological treatments.


Interview with Arnaud Norena

Arnaud Norena, member of TRI Scientific Committee, explains the role of neuroscience in tinnitus research and speaks about auditory stimulation.


Interview with Carlos Herráiz

Carlos Herráiz talks about the use of TRT in Spain, briefly illustrates what hyperacusis is and how it is treated, and explains his latest researches about Auditory Discrimination Training.


Interview with Eberhard Biesinger

Eberhard Biesinger discusses the results of treating tinnitus patients with implantable high frequencies hearing aids (Vibrant Sound Bridge).


Interview with Zecharia Shemesh

Zecharia Shemesh explains his approach to tinnitus treatment and gives useful suggestions to patients who recently developed tinnitus.


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